Ann (asnowyowl) wrote,

Snarry Drabble

Title: I Watch
Author: asnowyowl
Pairing: Unrequited Snape/Harry
Summary: Severus wants what he can't yet have
Word Count: 184
Rating/Warnings: PG13/First person POV
Notes: This popped into my mind, pretty much complete, while I was baking cookies. *shrugs* Unbetad

I Watch

I watch.

I observe him in class - straining over a cauldron, lips pursed, sweat beading on his forehead - and I yearn. I watch him in the Great Hall - laughing, teasing, inhaling food as if he's known hunger - and I ache with a need all my own.

I need to be the first to taste and possess. The one to steal his innocence and make him moan, and ache, and beg.

I want to destroy and remake him, meld pleasure with pain, breach his lips, his arse, his mind.

But I cannot. I must not.

His age is no matter – youth does not deter. His parentage is no longer so off-putting. I hold back only because I know myself.

I want to be his first, but in being so, I will also need to be his last. His only. What is mine once is mine always. I do not share. I would keep him, remold him, and eventually destroy him.

And that I cannot do. Not yet. Not while the prophecy remains unfulfilled.

All this I know.

Yet still, I watch.

Tags: drabble, pg13, snarry

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